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Summer 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Summer 1 Week 4 Newsletter - Electrifying learning and rounders success 


Every day counts. We have lots of exciting events happening in school so coming each day is really important. Missing a day means that your child misses key learning and experiences. If you need support please speak to Karen or Jane.

Electrifying learning 

This week across the academy there has been a buzz about learning. Pupils have been working hard and experiencing lots of the curriculum. 

As visitors looked around the academy they spoke to Year 1 who were learning about feelings; heard Year 2 playing the glockenspiel expertly; saw some amazing Henri Matisse inspired artwork in Year 3; observed Year 4 investigating circuits and how to make bulbs brighter; struggled to find Year 5 who were creating art on a large scale and ducked as Year 6 played rounders on the playground.  All our pupils showed our motto:

‘Be the Best You Can Be’


Rounders success!

Last week and this week we sent teams of pupils to Co-op Academy Leeds to compete in rounders competitions.  Last week Year 5 and 6 pupils won their tournament and this week (inspired by their friends) the Year 3 and 4 won their tournament!